Hi there, I'm Annie Thorell.

I’m a tech and product person driven by curiosity, passion and a complex mix of music.

I’m a developer by heart, but have been seeking the bigger picture in everything I've done. I love tech for what it can do for its user, and always put the user front and center in my work.

I understand how UX, design, code and business have to work in symbiosis to deliver great products, and have worked hands on with all these crafts.

I navigate comfortably between long term and short term goals, and can balance vision, strategy and hands-on todos.

My superpower is my ability to find structure in chaos.

What I know

User. To understand how to build a product that is successful with the user, I look at qualitative and quantitative data. Metrics build a picture, talking to a user and understanding the world around him/her tell the whole story. Beyond data, I'll use my gut feeling to take the product towards it's vision.
Tech. With my developer background, I comfortably navigate technical needs and constraints in my prioritisation. I know how to leverage tech to take a product to the next level. I understand the needs of a tech team, and can have discussions on the right level to find the best way forward together.
Business. I have run a business of my own and know how to navigate between a spreadsheet and the reality of the product. The needs of the business interfer with the product in many ways, and I know how to be pragmantic and build with what we’ve got while not loosing site of our north star.