Hi there,
My name is Annie Thorell
I'm a frontend engineer skilled in product management, UX and UI. I get really excited about well executed visions, great products and the motivation we as human beings find in our work. Iā€™m a highly analytical person who can navigate both business, tech and user needs in my problem solving and prioritization. My super power is my ability to find structure in chaos and use a common set of rules or goals to navigate the road ahead.
Key skills
What I know


I've studied Computer Science at KTH in Stockholm and worked as a frontend engineer in startups for most of my career. I know how to work productively in a tech team, and that code only create value once it's out in production.


I understand what makes a great product and how to break out KPIs and strategies that will drive work towards a product vision. I have an eye for the details, and know how to derive information from quantitative and qualitative data.


Having co-founded my own company, I know how to go from spreadsheet to day to day business. I can navigate between the different layers of an organization, and know how to consider business goals in problem solving and prioritization.
Bye šŸ‘‹